Costume Jewellery - Purple Paradise Earrings


Are you in search of a beautiful, handmade, sustainable piece of jewellery? Are you looking for a complementary piece that won’t cost the earth (no pun intented)? 🙂 Look no further than our beautiful ceramic jewellery pieces.

It is a rare gift to be able to turn the earth into beautiful wearable pieces. This skill is highly artisanal and is by definition not mass produced. Making ceramic jewellery pieces is a labour intensive and time consuming process. Butt at the end of the day it is definitely worth the effort. Each piece is not just a work of art, it is also a labour of love. Enjoy the passion of the pieces that are found on our website. They are specially sourced from the Mediterrean and are created using skills which have been passed down in communities for thousands of years.

Check our our beautiful one of a kind ceramic jewellery pieces – Click here

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