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Beautiful Lampwork Jewellery

What is lampwork? Why should you know about this highly decorative and desireable art?

Lampworking may be described as a truly global art. It has been practiced for centuries across continents such as Africa, Asia and Europe. It is believed that the oldest known glass beads date back to the fifth century BC. Lampworking is the art of melting and shaping glass with tools to create beautiful objects. Objects which can be created range from beads to bottles to ornaments and pendants to name just a few.

Tradition glass beads hail from the city of Murano in Italy. Murano became the glasswork capital of the world during the 14th century and remained so for over 400 years.

The International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) grew out of a group of American artists who began to experiment with traditional glass making techniques durung the last century. As stated on the website of the ISGB, “The mission of the ISGB is to preserve the rich and diverse traditions of the art of glass bead making and glass working techniques; promote educational initiatives and professional development; and encourage innovative use of complementary media among artists and craftspeople.” Techniques for lampworking include marvering, casting and hollow work. There are diverse other techniques that are used by these skilled artisans.

We are proud to source lampwork beads from skilled UK artisans and incorporate them into beautiful lampwork jewellery just for you. See our beautiful lampwork jewellery pieces – here

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