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Demetrini's Story

Here at Demetrini Jewellery we believe that everyone should have access to unique, beautifully designed pieces of fashion costume jewellery.  We are dedicated to adding a personal touch to everything we make. Our UK handmade jewellery pieces deliver just that!  Made using quality beads and findings sourced in the United Kingdom. 

This is my story


I'm Stefania, and I love beautiful handmade accessories. Who doesn't? I've always loved bold costume jewellery but I never imagined I would be designing for my own UK brand.

As the daughter of a UK based Italian family, I spent my childhood between London and Italy which afforded me the opportunity to experience different handmade quality fashion accessory styles from a young age.


During my summer holiday visits to Italy I noticed the gorgeous designs in fashionable contemporary costume jewellery all around me and the interesting ways in which Italians accessorized their outfits and ensembles.


It's wonderful to be able to see how other cultures style themselves.


The well combined colours and designs in affordable costume jewellery along the Mediterranean coast always caught my eye as a youth.


Drawing inspiration from my Italian background, I established Demetrini Jewellery.


I would say that my Mediterranean heritage together with my British upbringing has indeed encouraged an interesting jewellery design style in me.  


I began this venture after deciding that I wanted to explore this inclination within me and to work from home doing something I really enjoy.


I have always leaned academically towards 'the Arts', mainly in the field of Languages, but I discovered later in life that I loved making affordable handmade costume jewellery even more!


And so here I am, making delightful costume jewellery items using UK artisan beads and materials that I love and selling my jewellery to you online.


This venture has also forced me to learn photography and web design in order to sell my products online. It's been really fulfilling!


It really has been a learning process that has widened my knowledge and although it has required a great deal of effort, it has been thoroughly enjoyable and deeply satisfying.


So, my family and I work together to make sure that we provide beautifully designed jewellery items, great customer service and reasonable, affordable prices for our wonderful UK and International customers. I do hope we continue to grow and provide more beautifully crafted pieces for our new and returning customers.  :)


Our Philosophy


Our main desire is that our handmade British jewellery brand brings joy to our clients, making them feel stunning and chic.


We want our costume jewellery, be it Boho fashion jewellery, Gemstone Jewellery sets, Polymer Clay jewellery, Bold Chunky Necklaces, Lampwork glass jewellery or Porcelain jewellery items to be worn and enjoyed regularly, not stored away and only worn for special occasions.


We want every day to be a special occasion for you.


Dress up and feel great at all times, wherever you go.  We have received such lovely feedback from our valued customers. They love the Silk, Porcelain and Glass materials that I use to design my pieces. I source beautiful lampwork beads (Pink Lampwork Glass Earrings) from around the UK, by British Artisans, and they really are beautiful beads. My Porcelain, enamelled high gloss chunky beads are sourced from Greece, and these too, are uniquely beautiful. My Silk Wraps and Necklaces use 100% natural hand dyed silk, so beautiful and elegant, such as the Cat Silk Ribbon Wrist Wrap..... 

We are excited that our company is growing so quickly, as is our product range. Our collection has come a long way since the business first began.


Stef is always designing and making new items, some unique pieces, and others where she handmakes 3 or 4 of the same item available online. Our entire range of jewellery is made with gorgeous, quality beads and there is a lot of love and craftsmanship that go into every piece.


Follow us on Instagram @demetrinifashionjewellery, and on Tiktok @demetrinijewellery and join our free Giveaways when they become available....At times, we give away free jewellery as part of Giveaway events as a thank you to our followers....

If you have any questions, or queries, no matter how small, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Here at we are friendly and we understand how important it is to have customer service that you can rely on. We are here every step of the way to make sure your order is perfectly unique, and exactly as you imagined. 

Happy shopping!

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